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An International, non-political, collaborative organization of Karate-ka from all styles of Karate-do and Karate-jutsu.

How can the ISKK help you?

The key strength of the ISKK is its members. So if are looking for a friendly, non political, non style study group then you have found what you are looking for.

Individual Karate-ka

The ISKK welcomes all Karateka irrespective of Grade, Rank or Style studied who wish to develop their skills and study karate outside of a single style. Click to find out more about ISKK Individual Membership

Karate Club Owners

Are you a Yudansha karate-ka who a club they own within a defined style/family of karate and your looking for a governing body that can assist you with a whole range of issues that all Clubs face then the ISKK may be the place you are looking for. Click to find out more about ISKK Club Owners Membership

Karate Group Owner

Are you a Senior Yudansha karate-ka who owns a number of clubs/dojo and teaches karate to a range of students. Perhaps you are looking for additional technical resources, to help keep your students and club ahead of the local competition. Click to find out more about ISKK Club Group Membership


Senior karate-ka who may no longer be actively involved in training or teaching but wish to continue their research in origins and methods of karate. They may be authors of publications or just hold a deep personal interest in the study of karate. Click to find out more about ISKK Researchers Membership

Welcome to the International Seito Karate Kenkyukai a Worldwide, non-political, study group of Karate-ka from all styles of Karate-do and Karate-jutsu.

The ISKK was founded to meet the needs of a large and growing Worldwide group of Karateka looking for a cost effective, collaborative study group to allow them to continue evolving their own karate.

Access to a knowledge base to get help on the myriad of issues that affect new and established Karate Club and Group owners and provided accurate and accessible facilities for Senior Karateka pursuing research projects as well as the opportunity to network Internationally at the highest levels of Karate.

The growth of the ISKK in recent years is clear testament to its success in meeting these and other objectives, if this sounds like the organisation you are looking for and feel that you can make your contribution and are ready for the International recognition that ISKK membership bestows, then perhaps its time you took your place in the International Seito Karate Kenkyukai.

OK, so how do I join the ISKK?

We have made joining the ISKK as straight forward as possible, its a simple 3 Step Process...

Submit your details: Simply complete our easy to use online application form, make sure you provide all the information required.

Submit your supporting information: Send electronic copies of relevant qualifications and affiliations. You can do this at the time time of application.

Pay for your Lifetime Membership: Pay the fees as appropriate for the membership level required. To make thing easier we accept PayPal.

Click here to find out more about joining the ISKK.

ISKK Worldwide Workshops

"Highly entertaining and thoroughly educational", "Great fun and always useful", the ISKK Worldwide Workshops never fail to educate, entertain and occasionally bruise too!
Click to find out more about the next ISKK Worldwide Workshop near you

Case Studies: Setting up a New Dojo Part I

ISKK Case Studies: Setting up a New Dojo Part ISo you have got your Shodan or Yudan and you have studied diligently for years, suddenly your Sensei decides that he is going to move to the Cayman Islands and count sand. His work here is done!

Not at all likely but either way you now have a Club on your hands, where do you start?

What about the Dojo, can you transfer the rental agreement to your name? Insurance, who do you speak to and how can you be sure that you are getting best value for money?

One thing you can be sure of is that only an email away are lots of senior Karateka who have all been though the same thing and will be only to happy offer you advice, suggestion and perhaps even practical assistance.
Click here to see what practical help with insurance, gradings, certificates and much more is on offer from the ISKK

ISKK Advertising

Are you looking to promote your Dojo? Click to see how the ISKK members only web ads might work for your Club.

Shin-Gi-Tai Karate
Shin-Gi-Tai Dojo Kent, UK
Adult and Kids Karate, Kenjutsu, Kobudo, Corporate Self Protection & Threat Awareness Training in Kent, UK.

Karate Shihankai

Kokusai Karate-do Shihankai

A group designed to simply, yet effectively service the needs of Karate Sensei around the World.

ISKK, International Seito Karate Kenkyukai

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ISKK, International Seito Karate Kenkyukai
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